ELIME-21 Fellows Editing Volume on LIS in MENA

Library and Information Science in the Middle East and North Africa will be published by IFLA/De Gruyter in 2015. The volume offers up-to-date insights into the state of library and information science (LIS) in the Middle East and North Africa. Covered topics include information literacy, intellectual property, LIS education and research, publishing and more. This timely contribution thus presents vital areas of research on a region that receives relatively little coverage and is currently experiencing rapid and significant changes.

Chapters include:

Publishing in the Middle East and North Africa, by Christoff Galli

For a Morocco that Reads: The Crisis of Reading and Recent Initiatives to Revive Libraries and Reading in Morocco, by Sumayya Ahmed

A Bird’s-eye View of Two Open Access Experiences in Algeria: CERIST’s Webreview and Dépôt Numérique de l’Université d’Alger, by Samir Hachani

The development of Academic Libraries in Kuwait and their Services, by Asma Al Kanan

Academic Librarianship and Coercion: A Case Study in the Occupied Palestinian Territories, by Anaïs Salamon

American-style Academic Libraries in the Gulf Region, by Frieda Weibe and Daphne Flanagan

Information Literacy in the Middle East: A Case Study of The American University in Cairo and The American University in Sharjah, by Meggan Houlihan, Jayme Spencer, and Christine Furno

Aligning Library Services to the Emerging Online Capability of Emirati Students, by Janet Martin

Correlating Information Centers to Emerging Knowledge-Based Economies, by Patricia A. Wand

Education for Library and Information Science in the Arab States, by Evelyn Daniel, Lokman Meho, and Barbara Moran

Library and Information Science Research in the Arab World: A Systematic Review 2004-2013, by Amanda Click, Josiah Drewry, and Mahmoud Khalifa

Orientalism and Subject Cataloging: Theoretical and Practical Implications, by Blake Robinson

Library Cooperation in the Middle East and North Africa, by Jordan Scepanski and Yaşar Tonta

State of Manuscript Digitization Projects in Egyptian Libraries and their Challenges, by Walid Ghali

Survey of Libraries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia: Development, trends and issues, by Mary Ann Barnett and Hind Albadi